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City of Sydney Living Colour: Spring 2015 Installation

Discretely at night

Every night from 31 August to 6 September 2015, while the City of Sydney slept, our team of specialist landscapers donned their gloves and wet weather gear to bring life and colour to the inner-city streets.

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Art Feeds Victoria’s Disadvantaged

by Citywide | 17.05.2016
They say art feeds the soul and in this case, art will feed some of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged.

An innovative fundraising idea from Citywide’s CEO, Chris Campbell, has meant the artworks that graced Citywide’s previous headquarters on Jolimont Road have now found happy new homes. All Citywide staff were offered the opportunity to bid for the original pieces in an online auction. The art auction raised $3,730 with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Citywide’s community partner, FareShare. With the donation from Citywide, FareShare will be able to make a whopping 5,595 additional meals!  

The meals made in FareShare’s charity kitchen are distributed to Victorians who face a great deal of food insecurity – up to 10% of Victorians do not know where their next meal is coming from. FareShare is able to assist people who are unable to afford a hot meal or those who face the challenge of eating nutritious meals because of homelessness. 

Chris Campbell Art Auction Fundraiser