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City of Sydney Living Colour: Spring 2015 Installation

Discretely at night

Every night from 31 August to 6 September 2015, while the City of Sydney slept, our team of specialist landscapers donned their gloves and wet weather gear to bring life and colour to the inner-city streets.

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Citywide Tipped for Success!

by Citywide | 30.05.2016
Citywide’s Maribyrnong trees crew can now use a clever innovation to increase productivity and safety with the delivery of a shiny 4x4 side-tipping truck that assists them when grinding tree stumps. This unique Citywide build is designed in sections with a tipping compartment that can be filled with wood chips, a rear fixed compartment for storage of soil used as backfill and an attachment for towing stump grinders.

Chris Elliott, Citywide Operations Leader, brought his idea and a detailed design to Citywide’s Asset Team who jumped on his innovative design to make it happen. Chris remained closely involved in the project from concept to delivery and he couldn’t be happier to see the side-tipper now in use.

“This truck was definitely on mine and my team’s wish list and we’re really excited to be using it. The trucks sometime need to be emptied many times a day requiring the unhitching and hitching of the stump grinder. Doing this with one vehicle was a challenge, but then I had the idea a while ago about having only one section of the tray move whilst the remainder stays fixed,’ Chris said. 

Citywide Tipper Truck

Paul Wellington, Citywide Asset and Equipment Co-ordinator was impressed and excited by the intricate design, “It was clear from the onset that Chris’s side-tipper would improve productivity and mean less manual handling throughout the operational day, leading to a better work outcome.”

Chris’s design certainly ticks many boxes including increased safety and productivity with the following key features;

• Side Tipper - Allows materials to be tipped without disconnecting the trailer.
• Fixed Rear Soil Bin - Allows soil to be loaded and stored on truck even when other   material is tipped off.
• 4WD - Allows vehicle to work in difficult access areas and on soft or slippery surfaces. 
• Light Bar – Situated above the cab, provides increased visibility and reduces the need for additional traffic management vehicles at most sites.

“The Citywide team’s ability to move from concept to market is a great example of our ability to innovate for improvements to workplace productivity and the customer service experience,” Chris said.

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