Proudly owned by the City of Melbourne, Citywide is shaping liveable cities for the benefit of the host communities where we work and whom we serve.

We deliver the full scope of civil infrastructure, open space and environmental services to both government and private enterprise. Collectively, our services positively impact 12 million Australians every day.

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City of Sydney Living Colour: Spring 2015 Installation

Discretely at night

Every night from 31 August to 6 September 2015, while the City of Sydney slept, our team of specialist landscapers donned their gloves and wet weather gear to bring life and colour to the inner-city streets.

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Equality & inclusion vital to employee engagement, social cohesion

by Citywide | 01.09.2017
As Australians prepare to speak up and have their views known on same-sex marriage, Citywide has reiterated its position on the importance of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities for all.

Every day, our people shape liveable cities for all the host communities in which we work and whom we serve. Collectively, our services positively impact more than 12 million Australians up and down the eastern seaboard every day.

Having a social licence to operate is integral to our shared value approach with the community and all our stakeholders, with the common goal of fostering greater social cohesion.

This supports our commitment to promoting diversity, equality and inclusion across our company – without any discrimination.

We are proud to have in place a dynamic team committed to serving the Australian community; a dedicated workforce that does not discriminate nor draw boundaries on matters of an individual’s gender, race, religion or politics.