H2Pod A focus on sustainability has made tree preservation a high priority for metropolitan communities. A significant investment, park and street trees are a practical and aesthetic addition to any landscape.

Severe dry conditions can lead to tree decline, pest problems and non-recoverable damage. Supplemental watering can greatly assist in maintaining tree health during droughts - both during the growing season and during the dormant season.

To help reduce tree stress, Citywide has produced an innovative product – the H2POD, which has been designed to distribute water evenly under the drip-line of the tree, whilst providing multiple benefits for both the environment and the city infrastructure.

The H2POD provides an efficient and effective watering solution to care for park and street trees. It delivers water in the same position every time, ideally in the shade just inside a tree’s drip zone - an imaginary circle on the ground under the tree that corresponds to the outer edge of the leaf canopy.

The H2POD watering solution:  

  • Protects and nurtures established trees and plants  
  • Encourages faster establishment of newly planted trees
  • Encourages faster establishment of newly planted trees



708mm H x 1719mm W x 745mm D


500 litres (approx)

Watering Period

48 hours (approx)


Caulfield Green.Black



Citywide commissioned Melbourne based product design and CG animation group CobaltNiche to develop the H2POD.

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