The Safety Capsule

The Safety Capsule - Citywide

Managing vegetation on roadsides safely

Vegetation management on roadsides is a high-risk activity that poses many health and safety concerns, for both workers and road-users. 

Having identified such risks, Technigro – a Citywide Group company designed and developed the Safety Capsule, which is now one of the safest methods of managing vegetation on road networks. This was developed in partnership with technology firm the IVM Group and Technigro’s customers.

The Safety Capsule represents a major breakthrough in roadside weed control, as it has proven to significantly reduce worker health and safety concerns and increase productivity and network efficiencies.

The Safety Capsule’s padded operator-cell offers the safest position for vehicle based work, while still enabling rapid kerbside and footpath access where closer manual treatment is required.

The Safety Capsule has the following key features:

  • Fully enclosed capsule fitted with a roll-over protection system.
  • Designed to withstand motor vehicle impact whilst protecting the operator.
  • Communication system between driver and operator.
  • Product mixing tank, multiple spray lines and swift knapsack access.
  • Several product supply contingencies to ensure roadside attendance is brief.
  • Rapid entry on both sides of the vehicle.
  • Digital cameras with a dashboard mounted monitor providing unrestricted vision.

Outcomes include:

  • Safety risks are significantly reduced for spray operators. 
  • Heat stress and fatigue for workers is eliminated.
  • Impact on traffic flow is reduced, with a faster pace of work and no need for traffic control.
  • Enhanced target application on weeds has improved service quality and performance.
  • Substantial reduction in the risk of hose entanglement.
  • Minimises disruptions to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The risk of the spray operator being crushed by surrounding obstacles is eliminated.

Citywide and Technigro are leading the way with new and safer approaches in work techniques, innovative equipment and better product selection for weed control.

The Safety Capsule - Citywide
The Safety Capsule - Citywide

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