Featured Projects

Otway Ranges Stabilisation

The Otway rainforest in Victoria’s south is one of the most visited tourist areas of the state. Accessible by the iconic Great Ocean Road, the roads require constant upkeep and Citywide were recently  commissioned to perform major works along the tourist road that meanders through Beech Forest.

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Dynon Road Waste Transfer Facility

The transfer station has continued to grow in 2012-13 in a number of areas and waste volumes have risen to approximately 200,000 tonnes per annum.  To support in commercial waste Citywide has introduced a seventh prime mover and trailor, and a forth front lift truck in addition to setting up dedicated paper and cardboard runs in both the Front Life and Trade Waste contracts.

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City of Melbourne Tree Services

Delivering the state’s largest municipal tree planting and maintenance contract using cutting edge technology.

  • More than 55,000 trees
  • An estimated 25,000 exotic (non-native) trees, with many main parks and gardens containing superb specimens planted more than 100 years ago
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Canberra NCA Open Space Services

Canberra’s National Capital Authority (NCA) is considered the jewel in the crown when it comes to providing open spaces services to an iconic and prestigious Australian landmark.

A site that endears tens of thousands of domestic and international tourists every year, the NCA covers approximately 120 hectares and includes world.........

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