Otway Ranges Stabilisation

Located on the northern edge of the Otway Ranges, Beech Forest Road provides access some of the Otway Ranges most beautiful waterfalls and scenic drives.

The stabilisation works project was instigated by a series of land slips that had developed on Beech Forrest Road during a major storm events that swept Victoria in June 2012.  Citywide undertook reparation of a few of the minor sites under our VicRoads Routine Maintenance Contract, but the large sites required separate and specific project management plans. 

There was a lot of work involved in completing the project to VicRoads’ specifications and timeframes. This included using new materials and working around road closures whilst repairing multiple sites.  The project was undertaken by a primary subcontractor and a specific crew from Citywide’s contract maintenance group.  Citywide also brought in traffic controllers and additional labour as required. 

The majority of the work involved the installation of pre-cast concrete retaining walls, as well as drainage upgrades/installation, rock beaching retaining walls, pavement works, drain cleaning, vegetation removal and installation of new guide posts for the length of the work.

All peripheral work such as vegetation maintenance and removal, guide post installation etc., was also undertaken by Citywide. 

Citywide successfully delivered the project on time and on budget

Most of the materials used on the project were sourced locally. This included the rock, asphalt, pre-cast concrete panels and concrete supplies. The construction period was 16 weeks, which include a road closure of 6 weeks.  Citywide successfully negotiated 2 closures of 3 weeks each to assist with the programming of the works.

There were quite a few challenges that needed to be overcome to successfully deliver the project back to VicRoads.  There were 12 separate sites along the 11km section of road; the road itself is narrow, with some tight corners, and as it is not normally open to large or heavy vehicles. Management of these vehicles was required to ensure the deliver the materials to all sites was not disrupted.  

Consequently, traffic management was a big challenge, as our officers had to keep a single ‘through lane’ available for traffic.

The mid-winter weather proved an additional challenge to our crews. As the repair sites are located deep in the Otway Ranges and were subject to different and inconsistent weather conditions, works programming often became dependent on the inclement weather.

Citywide successfully delivered the project on time and on budget.  It was a great learning opportunity for one of our graduate engineers (Craig Townsend) who spent a lot of time on site working with the site foreman and primary sub-contractor. 

VicRoads was extremely pleased with the outcome, as were the crew that physically undertook the work. The road is now restored and ready for use by the many tourists that visit this majestic part of Victoria.

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