City of Melbourne Open Space Services

Citywide delivered the state’s largest municipal tree planting and maintenance contract using cutting edge technology.

The City of Melbourne’s extensive network of parks and gardens contribute to Melbourne's title as one of the world's ‘most liveable cities’. Ranging from gardens with classic 19th century heritage features and majestic tree avenues, to the 170-hectare Royal Park with its unique bushland landscape and wetlands habitat, Melbourne offers a variety of open spaces for the 14 million visitors who use its parks each year.

The City of Melbourne has:

  • A network of nearly 480 hectares of internationally acclaimed parks and gardens
  • More than 55,000 trees
  • An estimated 25,000 exotic (non-native) trees, with many main parks and gardens containing superb specimens planted more than 100 years ago.
  • some of the most significant stands of mature elm trees remaining in the world
  • Remnant eucalypt trees which feature in Royal Park and Yarra Park.

Works include:

  • Horticultural Maintenance
  • Turf and Lawn Area Maintenance
  • Arboricultural Maintenance
  • Park and associated Infrastructure Maintenance including lighting
  • Cleansing Services, Rubbish Removal, Graffiti and Vandalism repair

When knowledge and experience count.

Citywide’s Tree Services team work across an incredibly diverse range of Australian landscapes. From world heritage listed gardens to the salt scrub of sandy foreshores: our people have an unparalleled knowledge of plant types and modern maintenance techniques.

Making the customer dollar go further.

Sourcing plants from an established network of quality commercial nurseries across Australia, Citywide is one of Australia’s largest purchasers of plants with significant buying power. Our horticulturalists match type of plant to the most appropriate provider and then purchase according to cost and tree quality. Our customers enjoy better quality plants (Citywide demands the best selection), better prices, and a better level of knowledge as a result of specialised briefings by suppliers.

Advanced mapping, management and maintenance.

The most important outcome of Citywide’s service provision to the City of Melbourne has been the dramatic increase in the health of the city’s trees as a direct result of the advanced auditing and management systems the company has put in place. Prior to the contract of Citywide’s services there was no accurate database recording location and health of trees. Now Citywide’s TRAX system records a range of tree data and drives programmed maintenance. Priority is given to urgent tasks without a reduction in maintenance levels and performance is audited on a monthly cycle.

A computerised asset management and scheduled maintenance system, Citywide TRAX is transforming the business of local government in Australia. Offering unparalleled control and visibility of works to its customers, TRAX also enables Citywide to optimise service delivery by accurately deploying specialists, prioritising works, recording visual data and producing comprehensive reports.

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