City of Sydney Living Colour

The Citywide Open Space team fill the streets of Sydney with gorgeous displays of potted colour annually as part of the Living Colour Festival.

Provide floral displays in the streets of Sydney that engage and inspire the community utilising colourful seasonal plantings, plant sculpture and unusual species combinations over a six-week period, twice yearly during spring and summer.

Responding to Key Challenges:

  • Engage and inspire the community
  • Develop a planter that has been designed to suit 25 x 200mm annual display pots in a row.
  • Establish traffic management strategies to minimise problems related to installation.
  • Install and remove planters without using permanent or temporary fixing to pavement or furnishings.
  • Match appropriate plants to street microclimate and streetscape to ensure health and aesthetics for the life of the display.
  • Maintain full colour and repeated flowering during display periods.

Outcome Focused Service Methodology:

  • Established working party prior to event with representatives from Citywide, City of Sydney Traders & relevant service authorities.
  • Designed planter boxes to suit existing infrastructure and for re-use capabilities;
  • Established plant selection and planting  procedures and requirements;
  • Established traffic management plans;
  • Provided a flexible work force for the demanding maintenance requirements of vandalism, deadheading, plant replacements, watering and monitoring to ensure continual high quality and presentation.

Quantifiable Outcomes:

  • Broad media coverage every year enhancing the reputation of the City locally, nationally and internationally
  • Fantastic community an trader involvement and interest
  • Plant selection suitable for Sydney’s environment made for spectacular displays, with an abundance of colour reflecting the appropriate season or theme
  • Reviews of each display for plant performance and combat vandalism
  • Traffic management was delivered in accordance with all safety and regulatory requirements
  • Planter boxes designed for re-use
  • Contract extended for a further two years and a third display has been introduced.

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