Street Tree Infill Program - Brimbank City Council

Project Profile:

In 2009, Citywide was awarded Brimbank City Council’s Street Tree Infill Program and Tree Planting Works contract .As part of the contractual agreement, Citywide was required to engage and consult local community members on the planting of proposed tree species.

To assist in the development of the annual planting lists and to also allow local residents to expand their education and knowledge of local tree species, Citywide developed an interactive online portal resource for community members. This was coupled by frequent letter drops and community surveys.

Furthermore, residents were encouraged to visit the Citywide website for further information, review proposed tree planting plans and provide feedback on the appearance and plant selection for their local neighbourhoods.

This is just one example of Citywide engaging with the communities in which we deliver services to. This interactive program fosters open communication between both the community and Citywide and has proven to be very successful.

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