Parking Meters

From design and planning to delivery of preventative and reactive maintenance, our highly skilled technicians maximise the life and performance across the range of parking meters. Parking meter systems represent a crucial investment in the financial sustainability of local governments and communities.

To assist customers in acquiring the greatest return on their investment, Citywide employs a team of qualified and highly skilled technicians experienced in maintaining all makes and models of parking meters.

Independent assessments and advice

From design and planning to the delivery of preventative and reactive maintenance services, we use sustainable methods to maximise the life and performance of our customer’s parking meters.  We can provide computerised asset management and maintenance, ensuring maximum uptime as well and our skilled technicians have the expertise to provide independent advice on meter selection.

With no alliance to any manufacturer; we provide independent and unbiased advice on all meter brands and models. Drawing on a depth of experience our experts offer technical advice in the selection, testing and implementation of parking meter systems

Dependable service around the clock

Citywide’s Parking Meter Management team has established a strong reputation for innovation and the quality of our work. Quality assured and reliable, our people complete scheduled work on time, on budget and can develop rapid solutions to technical issues.We offer the full range of metering services;

  • Condition auditing
  • Traffic management
  • Real time reporting
  • Payment collection systems and procedures
  • Citywide’s 24/7 customer service centre

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