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AirRaider invention delivers

by Citywide | 04.06.2010
Citywide recently leaped forward in Australian drought-proofing parkland management and tripled staff productivity. The Air Raider Pro 2010 is a dedicated soil-aeration device designed by and custom-built for Citywide.

The design and plan was drawn up by staff, then built by an engineer. After 3 month’s development, the AirRaider was fully functional at a cost of roughly $50,000. November 2009 saw the first use of the machine. Since then, it’s worked perfectly.

“Rigorous testing indicates all treated trees respond extremely well,” Open Space Trees Manager Matt Williams said. “We’re not aware of any other similar equipment in our industry.”

The device blasts a probe into the ground via a jet of air pressure. Over 20 seconds, probes are able to deliver up to 20 litres of water at root level. The process creates unobtrusive soil fissures, breaking up compressed soils which act as a barrier to plant roots in critical need of nutrients.

The system is credited with turning around the deteriorating health of Fitzroy Gardens matured elms, many worth thousands of dollars. At time when parks managers across Australia are looking for drought-proofing solutions, it’s expected the AirRaider Pro will make an enormous impact on the health of the gardens Citywide manages in 2010

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