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Bolte Bridge by the best

by Citywide | 11.06.2010
Another 10 years of safe driving on Melbourne’s Bolte Bridge has been secured with Citywide completing one of the toughest challenges in Victorian infrastructure. Over two weekends in May, the Citywide Infrastructure team replaced over a kilometre of asphalt in a quality-driven, deadline-heavy job for leading toll road operator, Transurban.

An iconic piece of Victorian transport infrastructure, with average daily traffic of over 50,000, the project required consolidated planning, structure and organisation. An entire month was spent in preparation. Once begun, over 25 staff worked round the clock to shave 5cm of asphalt from half of the bridge before repaving with high quality Citywide asphalt that improves driver control. From 10:30pm Friday evening to 5am on Monday morning, Citywide traffic controllers took charge, seamlessly guiding cars while works were completed.

The reinstatement was perfectly timed said Citywide Asphalt Business Unit Manager, Damien Hodge. “The old asphalt was starting to ravel, all the old open grade asphalt was stripping away to the dense grade underneath. To get the best, most durable replacement results, Transurban made sure we came in. Citywide laid new higher performance asphalt and eliminated further maintenance costs for the bridge.”

Safety and sustainability merged in this project - the new open grade paving allows water to flow straight through and drain. This cuts down measurably on dangerous winter aquaplaning and wet condition skidding while improving driver visibility and stormwater harvesting.

Surveying the finished result, Damien Hodge couldn’t be happier: “The most impressive aspect was the workmanship; it was paramount that we operated at best practice and we delivered. The rideability on that bridge is just outstanding. The biggest road construction companies out there couldn’t have done a better job. It’s an outstanding accomplishment by both Citywide and road construction consultants Bitu-Mill.”

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