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Winding Roads Project Successfully Wound Up

by Citywide | 16.12.2010
Unperturbed by the wettest spring for over 30 years, Citywide’s Infrastructure Division recently completed one of their most challenging projects in Victoria’s picturesque high country.
Involving the construction of gravel pavement coupled with a bitumen seal over the final unsealed section of the Eildon – Jamieson Road, the works traversed a total of 13.4 kilometres of winding road from Jamieson to Big River.

Renowned for its fabulous trout fishing, bushwalking, camping, gold prospecting, deer hunting, and 4WD/motorcycle tracks, the region has some of Victoria’s most difficult terrain.

The $3.34 million project was funded through a Local, State and Federal Government initiative to promote employment and business opportunities in Victoria. More specifically in providing some financial impetus to the local economy, Citywide successfully teamed up with local contracting firm Alpine Civil.

From the onset of the project, Citywide’s team of dedicated civil engineers and partner Alpine Civil, were faced with a number of logistical challenges. In addition to the plant and equipment that required to complete the works, over 21,000m3 of crushed rock, 95,000m2 of bitumen seal and 1,000Lm of guard rails required transportation to the site.

Mansfield Shire Councils Engineering and Works Manager Phil Alexander said, “We are very pleased with the project outcome. It was always seen as one that would provide challenges, but has been finished on time, within budget and with minimal impact on the community or the environment. I appreciate the working relationship we were able to develop with Citywide, and commend the workforce for their dedication to the task. The outcome is a further example of Council’s commitment to developing opportunities to enhance our tourism product and increase business opportunities, as well as improving road infrastructure within the region".

Speaking on behalf of the project, Citywide’s contract manager Rob Thompson said, “the challenges to complete this assignment on time and on budget were immense. The sheer scope of the works and the distances involved in the transportation of rock meant that unique solutions had to be deployed. We ended up using belly dumper trucks to cart and distribute the rock on site. The terrain provided a number of hidden surprises. Narrow unsealed roads, combined with the inclement weather, meant our road crews were faced with many challenges. Overall, I am proud of the efforts of our team. If not for their professionalism and their can do attitude, I doubt this outcome could have been achieved.”

Bounded by Victorian State Forest and Eildon National Park, Citywide’s road crew found themselves working in a pristine wilderness area.

The sensitivity of the surrounding environment meant that the task of sealing the road had to be completed in a very environmentally friendly manner. “We were very cognisant of the importance of not disturbing or adversely impacting the local surroundings. Our project managers were well aware of the fragility of the surrounding wilderness and took a number of measures to minimise our impact.” said Rob.

The completed 61km Eildon to Jamieson road now offers a fabulous circuit for weekend motorcyclists, campers, 4WD drivers and nature lovers who want to get away from their traffic laden suburban surroundings and explore the serenity and beauty of Mansfield.

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