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Citywide Tops One Million Trees

by Citywide | 10.03.2011
Citywide welcomed the New Year in style with knowledge that its City of Whitehorse Open Spaces Contract win, has propelled the company’s managed tree asset numbers to well over one million.

Encompassing work from a variety of Local Governments throughout Victoria, New South Wales, and the ACT, Citywide’s milestone is even more impressive given the fact the business has only been in operation since 1995.  

Despite the severity of drought that has plagued parts of the Australian landscape leaving it withered and lifeless, Citywide’s Trees Team has grown to become many Council’s first point of call when requiring arboricultural assistance. In fact, business has never been better.

Providing high quality services to local Councils, Citywide’s trees portfolio has grown to include works for world heritage listed gardens like Melbourne’s Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens, Canberra’s National Capital Authority, and the inner city precincts of Melbourne and Sydney.

Responsible for the management of a considerable proportion of municipal trees, Citywide will continue working with local Government in further developing sustainable environments.

Coupled with our unparalleled knowledge and experience in utilising tree preservation measures, Citywide’s team of professional arborists will further aid Councils in reducing tree removal incidences and prolonging the life of these valuable and natural assets.

“To know one million trees are under our management and care is a real credit to all involved in the Citywide Open Spaces Team. Now that we have reached this significant milestone, we look forward to continual growth as we forge ahead and strive to achieve two million trees under our care,” said Citywide’s Managing Director, Kerry Osborne.

Five interesting tree facts:

  1. A mature tree will produce enough oxygen to support two people!
  2. Research indicates that trees can increase property values up to 25%. A property with well established trees will sell for more than the same property which is devoid of trees.
  3. Older, larger trees with wide trunks have more capacity to capture and store CO2 than small trees do and are more beneficial to the environment.
  4. Trees are seen as the cheapest, most efficient and natural way to reduce the excessive CO2 levels in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  5. Streets which have many large & leafy trees tend to have more friendly interaction, stronger ties and more concern for their neighbours than do areas with few or no trees!

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