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Sydney’s Streets Awash with Colour

by Citywide | 10.03.2011
Citywide is once again proud to support Sydney’s Living Colour initiative. The theme for summer 2011 is ‘Live Green’. It focuses on lifestyle choices that affect the future of our planet. Brilliant splashes of colour intertwined with environmental messages abound Sydney for all to see.

Citywide’s dedicated team of horticulturalists delivered what can only be described as visually breathtaking displays. Achieved through a variety of colourful floral arrangements, each individual display represents a special aspect of environmental sustainability.

Safeguarding our natural environment and climate for future generations depends on how we use the Earth’s limited resources. Citywide is committed to working alongside the City of Sydney in support of this cause because through the ‘Living Colour’ initiative, we can best promote a positive environmental message to the people of Sydney.

Designed in consultation with the City of Sydney, these colourful floral displays each carry an important message Sydney residents can take home and utilise. Comprising over 33,000 vibrant plants and taking over five months to create, it took fifteen Citywide employees over eight days to install the displays around Sydney.

The City of Sydney is making its own operations more sustainable by embracing new ideas and is helping residents and businesses adopt sustainable practices. People’s simple actions can make a huge environmental difference. Together we can make sustainable choices, live green, and help our planet.

Speaking on behalf of Citywide, Northern Region Manager Stuart Schramm said, “It’s our privilege to be working alongside the City of Sydney on such an important initiative. Our team of horticulturalists welcomed the opportunity to create these environmentally themed displays. Understandably, we all have a responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint. If we can show people how easy it is to ‘live green’ and lessen our environmental impact, the hope is we can all make a change for the better.”

Situated in some of Sydney’s busiest locations including Martin Place & Castlereagh Street, Cathedral Square, Alfred Street, Hyde Park Square, Queen Street, Green Square Alexandria, Sydney Square, Queen Victoria Building, Taylo Square and Wooloomooloo, the displays seek to engage and educate Sydney residents on how we can all play our part in sustaining our local environment.

Displays include information on composting, food waste, water conservation, recycling, gardening in cities, growing your own food and ethical shopping. They provide helpful tips and advice on how we can all provide a positive impact onto the environment.

Sydney will be ablaze with the vivid colours, fragrant smells and dazzling displays that make up ‘Living Colour’ until mid March.

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