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Greenpave- Paving the Way to a Greener Future

by Citywide | 10.06.2011
Increasing community and government concerns surrounding the effects of climate change has seen Citywide, in partnership with Shell Bitumen, develop Australia’s first environmentally friendly warm asphalt mix - Greenpave.

First launched in Victoria in 2008, Greenpave has been trialled to test its suitability by VicRoads, as well as a number of municipalities including the Cities of Melbourne, Yarra, Wyndham, Darebin, Hobson’s Bay, Port Phillip and Boroondara.

The trial period allowed government and private sector companies the opportunity to test Greenpave under Australian climatic conditions. After rigorous testing, it was concluded that Greenpave is a suitable alternative to traditional and non-eco friendly asphalt mix and that it be given conditional approval to be used as an eco-friendly asphalt alternative.

“After 2 years of heavy traffic, and based on a visual assessment, there is no discernible difference in the Citywide Type H Greenpave asphalt in comparison to the conventional Citywide Type H hot mix asphalt,” commented the VicRoads assessment team on the durability and appropriateness of this product.

Unlike conventional hot-mix asphalt processes which use one grade of bitumen that is heated to approximately 170°C, Greenpave uses two grades of binders, heated to a significantly lower temperature of ~110°C. The combined application of the binders results in a bitumen with the same performance as the customary hot mix.

Since Greenpave is manufactured at approximately 60°C less than traditional hot mix asphalt, a number of environmental benefits are provided to the community:

  • Over 30% reduction in fume emissions during production
  • Over 30% reduction in greenhouse gasses
  • Up to 55% reduction in fine dust
  • Energy savings of up to 30%

Since 2008, Citywide has saved a total of 83,884.65 KG of emissions, equal to 1,677,693 Black Balloons, by utilising the GreenPave mixture. With many Councils committed to reducing their greenhouse gas net emissions by 2020, Greenpave is seen as a viable solution to help Councils achieve this goal.

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