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Case Study: Pest and Disease Monitoring and Treatment

by Citywide | 25.08.2011
Pest and disease control is instrumental in the management and maintenance of trees. Tree care professionals, have a number of tools available to control pests and disease. For many years, insecticide sprays and soil treatments have been the traditional approach. As people become increasingly aware about the adverse effects stemming from the prolonged use of these agents to the environment, tree injections are rapidly becoming a viable alternative.

Responsible for the maintenance of over 1 million trees nationally, Citywide uses a broad range of techniques to ensure pests and diseases are properly managed. Tree injections are fast proving to be one of our most effective and environmentally friendly disease mitigation solutions.  

Unlike the spraying of chemicals which invariably ‘leach’ into the ground, injections are direct, use a much lower volume of material, are easier to use, and the solutions used are applied directly into the diseased tree. This minimizes exposure to the public, surrounding wildlife, and ensures a targeted response is achieved every time.

Citywide has adopted this innovative solution for the maintenance of the City of Sydney’s Plane trees situated throughout the CBD.

On Citywide’s behalf, the Royal Botanic Gardens Plant Pathology department completes 2 inspections annually of key trees across the City. Qualified plant pathologists inspect upwards of 400 trees and provide reports on the findings and the need for corrective actions to both Citywide and the City of Sydney.

These biannual inspections are intended to identify any pests and diseases that may be impacting on the health of the trees, and to ensure that when detected, preventive measures are undertaken.

By engaging the Royal Botanic Gardens Plant Pathology department, it has allowed Citywide to be at the forefront of reporting and treating any potential outbreak of a pest or disease, as well as provide ample opportunity to rectify the problem before it spreads to surrounding trees.

Pest and disease treatment can be difficult in a street tree situation due to the potential exposure of harmful chemicals. It is for this reason Citywide is committed to the use of non toxic and environmentally friendly treatments such as tree injections to control tree pest and disease.

Citywide has proactively used injections in the fight against the Sycamore Lace Bug. This particular pest was first discovered in Sydney in 2006 and has since damaged numerous Platanus trees.

With the aid of tree injections, Citywide has treated a number of diseased trees and is actively monitoring their response to treatment. Indications are this is a safe and eco-friendly method of pest and disease control that achieves its desired outcomes.

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