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City streets a deeper shade of green

by Citywide | 25.08.2011
The City of Melbourne is now paving its streets ‘green’ with Citywide’s environmentally friendly asphalt Greenpave.

Produced at our North Melbourne plant, Greenpave is manufactured at temperatures of around 110 °C rather than 170 °C, resulting in significant environmental benefits including the reduction of fumes and greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent.  

The City of Melbourne was the first Victorian council to trial the green asphalt during 2008-09 on Kay and Rathdowne streets in Carlton, George Street in East Melbourne and Lloyd Street in North Melbourne. After careful analysis, Council engineers agree that it performed just as well as traditional hot mix asphalt.

Chair of the Future Melbourne (Eco-City) Committee, Councillor Cathy Oke said funding for the green asphalt had been included in Council’s 2011-12 budget and Council would start using it in the new financial year.

“Each year we spend around $3.1 million on laying 18,000 tonnes of asphalt on our roads, and we discovered that for an additional $63,000, we could reduce the greenhouse emissions by a third. That is a small price for a large environmental benefit,” Cr Oke said.

“Every tonne of Greenpave creates a saving of around 220 black balloons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is an incredible amount when you multiply that by 18,000 tonnes of asphalt every year.”

“The asphalt doesn’t look or feel any different for the drivers, cyclists and pedestrians that use it, but the environment will reap the benefits. Road users should look out for signs that will be erected on every road or street that is paved with Greenpave.”

“A large portion of our ecological footprint comes from the work we do on our roads and bitumen. The City of Melbourne aims to achieve a target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and it’s initiatives like this one that will help us get there.”

To find out more about this innovative solution to reduce your carbon footprint, contact Citywide on 03 9261 5000.

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