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National Tree Day 2011- Sandringham foreshore gets facelift

by Citywide | 25.08.2011
To mark National Tree Day 2011, Citywide’s dedicated crew of ‘environmental warriors’ in cooperation with Bayside City Council led the charge to help restore Sandringham’s foreshore to its original condition.

Once a pristine piece of sea frontage, European settlement coupled with the introduction of foreign species of plants and recent heavy rains, has lead to an infestation of unattractive and unwanted weeds.  

Aside from being unsightly, these ‘visitors’ inhibit the growth of native plant species, and destroy the regions natural surrounds. As part of the day’s activities, over 70 local residents rolled up their sleeves and put gardening gloves on to firstly help rid the foreshore of weeds, and then took to shovels and helped plant in excess of 1400 indigenous plants.

In addition to providing much needed ‘arms and legs’ for the event, Citywide also put on a BBQ to help feed the volunteer contingent.

National Tree Day is Australia's biggest community tree-planting event. Since its foundation in 1996, more than 2 million volunteers have planted over 15 million native trees and shrubs across Australia! It provides a great opportunity for kids, families and friends to get together, have fun, help the environment and contribute to a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Commenting on behalf of the Sandringham foreshore initiative, Citywide’s Bushland and Nursery Team Leader Jo Hurse was pleased with the efforts of all involved. “It’s amazing to see the transformation unfold in front of your eyes. These volunteers are re-installing plant species that existed in the area prior to European settlement, and creating habitat for native birds and animals. It’s truly amazing what a little effort can achieve through a group of dedicated community minded individuals,” said Jo.

“National Tree Day seeks to educate Australians on the benefits of tree planting, which helps to address important environmental issues such as the loss of habitat for native wildlife, local provenance, salinity, erosion and long-term carbon offsetting. As Bayside’s Open Space service provider, we feel it’s our duty to proactively seek out opportunities like these and work hand in hand with both Council and the local community,” said Jo.

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