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Management Profile: Mike North - Divsional Manager Infrastructure

by Citywide | 21.12.2011
Regarded as one of the key drivers of Citywide’s Infrastructure Division, Mike North has for the past eight years, worked tirelessly with Citywide’s senior management and executive teams to help build the Infrastructure Division into a $100+ million per year business.

Born in the United Kingdom, he identified engineering and construction as a career path at the age of 16. Within a year, he had enrolled into Willesden Polytechnic and later transferred to Kingston Polytechnic in Surrey to complete his Civil Engineering Diploma.

In 1968, he joined Surrey County Council as a Graduate Engineer. Always on the lookout for challenging projects, his early works included the construction of the M3 Motorway as well as bridge design and construction. 


Mike’s ability later steered him to New Town Development Corporation where he became the company’s Bridge Design Engineer. Later that year in 1973, Mike obtained his chartered status as a Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

In 1976 he joined the Dutch construction firm Bredero. A regular visitor to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia, Iraq, and even Scotland, Mike was presiding over multi-million dollar projects, and spending a considerable time abroad.

He recalls working in political ‘hot-spots’ such as the Middle East and Africa as being the most difficult he experienced. As westerners working in these regions, Mike and his colleagues needed to integrate with the local cultures. “Essentially, it was a matter of getting the job done to the best of our capabilities, whilst being mindful of not to offend the local people with anything that may be perceived as culturally insensitive,” explained Mike.

It wasn’t all stress and hard work though. Preparing to leave Egypt for Iraq, he met the woman who would eventually become his wife - Helen. Once married ,they moved back home to the UK where Mike secured a role with Molem-Fee Developments in London’s Docklands District.

Eventually migrating to Australia in 1988, he came in search of new opportunities and fresh challenges. Backed with his engineering experience that had spanned the globe, he was ready to settle down and build himself a career in civil infrastructure in Australia.

Mike joined Citywide in 2003 as an Operations Manager. His knowledge and ability to get the job done ensured that after 5 years, Mike was offered the role of Divisional Manager -Infrastructure.

In the eight years Mike has been with Citywide, he has seen the organisation grow and achieve revenues of over $200+ million per annum.

Moving forward, he is excited at continually growing the business and achieving revenues only ever dreamed of. “In a team based environment like Citywide’s, people understand and believe that thinking for, and planning for future market growth supported with good decisions and actions, is more effective when undertaken in a methodical, strategic and cooperative manner. As an engineer, I understand that careful planning followed by a disciplined implementation is critical to our continued success,” concluded Mike.

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