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Paving the way Towards A Sustainable Solution

by Citywide | 21.12.2011
Transurban’s green thinking is well and truly paving its way onto Melbourne’s expansive roads network. Recent profiling and resurfacing works undertaken by Citywide on its CityLink network have provided a boom for the environment and the recycled asphalt industry.

Whilst recognising its wider responsibility to the environment, and to local communities, Transurban also has a responsibility to generate returns for its shareholders. These two responsibilities are reconciled through the organisation’s commitment to being an environmentally sustainable company that operates its business in ways that avoid compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  

Transurban is committed to recycling as much material that is profiled from its existing road network. The challenge all along has been to find an industry partner with the same vision and technical capabilities.

Through a competitive process, Citywide was identified as proactively pursuing the use of recycled asphalt for use in a range of more environmentally friendly asphalt products. The result being the reclaimed asphalt from the CityLink network is reprocessed by Citywide and is finding its way onto numerous ‘green roads’ across Melbourne.

To date, over 120,000 square metres of asphalt has been profiled from the CityLink network and recycled for use in various road surfacing projects in and around Melbourne. Aside from socio-economic benefits, this ‘green roads’ initiative has greatly reduced pressure on the environment by way of decreased C02 emissions achieved through reusing existing asphalt.

Anticipating that scientific evidence and community opinion would inevitably drive policy change, Citywide commenced partnering with customers to help reduce C02 emissions and the carbon footprint of some it its key operations.

At the forefront of developing innovative technology to achieve substantial improvement in environmental performance, Citywide was first to offer the Australian market environmentally friendly asphalt (Greenpave). Manufactured by Citywide at its asphalt plant in North Melbourne Victoria, the technology behind Greenpave has ensured this facility is now recognised as the most environmentally sensitive operation in the Southern Hemisphere.

Citywide has also been quick to offer the market a recycled asphalt product (RAP) that reduces reliance in virgin materials, generates far less C02 emissions to produce, and is a win for the environment.

The recycling of road based materials (through RAP), positively impacts environmental sustainability by making more efficient use of resources, reducing energy used in manufacture, decreasing the amount of materials going to landfill, and decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases produced.

It provides a clear opportunity for road engineers to reduce the use of natural resources whilst providing a substantial amount of environmental benefits.

A great example of the flow on savings from the utilisation of RAP is best illustrated in the case of Hurstville City Council when they reconstructed a 20 kilometre stretch of roadway. By choosing to utilise reclaimed profiling, a reduction of 110,000 tonnes of quarried product was achieved, eliminating the need for over 7000 truck trips saving a combined total of 220,000 kilometres in travel. Fuel savings of over 200,000 litres were achieved reducing greenhouse emissions to the tune of 500 tonnes.

Additionally, by reusing the existing material, over 61,000 cubic metres of landfill space was saved.

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