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Stabilising Jindabyne

by Citywide | 02.04.2013
Mt Kosciusko provided a stunning backdrop for the recent stabilisation works undertaken by Citywide this month.

JindabyneCivil Operations Coordinators Des Smith and Clinton Sime travelled over the border Jindabyne in Southern NSW to complete works for Snowy River Shire on behalf of NSW Governments Roads and Maritime Services.

Over the course of just one week, the Citywide crew undertook over 2500m2 of works, over double the average expanse of road covered in an average week. To achieve this engineering feat the five-man crew worked almost around the clock with early starts and even later finishes to ensure the works were completed on time. The last day was stalled only by the weather, which affected most areas across Southern NSW and Victoria; also affecting the Grand Prix in Melbourne.

“This is the first job we’ve completed in that area and in the end the Snowy River Shire Council were pleased with our efforts and level of professionalism” said Des. “They’ve asked us to price further work for them, which is praise enough in itself”.

After careful review of the area, lime stabilisation was chosen as the best type of stabilisation based on various environmental factors. Citywide were engaged to stabilise the roads as part of ongoing road maintenance in the Snowy Shire and the new road surface will ensure safe passage for tourists and locals alike.

Operating out of Echuca, the crew is one of two regional stabilisation crews Citywide has working across both Victoria and Southern NSW. A third crew operating under the name AWD was acquired a little under a year ago and operates out of the Ballarat depot.

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