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Recycling for Life

by Citywide | 19.04.2013
Citywide is known for its involvement in local communities but recently it has provided support to a worthy international cause – helping the children of Cambodia.
CambodiaWhile most of us enjoyed Christmas and the New Year celebrations it was a different situation on a landfill site on the outskirts of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Here, children rummage through piles of domestic and industrial waste extracting aluminium cans, glass containers, plastics and other items they find which can be exchanged for money. The operators have determined that it is cheaper to dispose of contaminated waste by burning it in the open rather than having it buried.

This is a means of survival for hundreds of children in Cambodia – the objective to raise money to help feed their families.

Operations Manager Jim Dunstan and daughter Elise spent ten days on a service trip in Cambodia during the Christmas / New Year break. The visit to Cambodia was an Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Alumni /Governors initiative of which Jim and Elise have a long association with.

Aside from raising awareness and much needed funds, their objective was to assist with the maintenance and repair of various school and orphanage buildings. Many of the structures used as school classrooms are makeshift in nature, and lack essential services such as clean water and electricity.

“I have never witnessed such poverty before. Without question, the experience serves as a lesson to us all that we are so fortunate to live in Australia. Unlike our Cambodian counterparts, our society has safety nets and various social systems to help the poor and downtrodden. Having endured many years of war, Cambodia is extremely poor, and cannot afford to feed, educate or house them.” said Jim.

If you would like to help, please contact Savvas Aidonopoulos in Citywide’s Marketing Department on 9261 5000.

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