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by User Not Found | 25.11.2013
Ricketts Point in Beaumaris, maintained by Citywide’s Infrastructure team, has won the 2013 Clean Beach Award in the Keep Australia Beautiful - Victoria Sustainable Cities program. This award comes in recognition for its recent addition of a disability-accessible toilet and shower facility and improved access to the beach for people with disabilities.

Citywide’s team has been praised by Council for contributing its expertise and working diligently ensuring the works were carried out in a timely manner.  Damaged in a severe storm earlier this year, the wheelchair access ramp is now better than ever. Situated where sandstone cliffs of jut out into Port Phillip Bay, this particular area is constantly exposed to unpredictable and harsh environmental conditions.

With groups such as the Disabled Divers Association using the ramp regularly, the reinstated wooden structure provides wheelchair bound people with complete access to travel from their vehicle onto the ramp and then into the water. A quick turnaround in repairs when the structure was damaged was vital to the success of the project. Given this sense of urgency Citywide’s dedicated Infrastructure team took only took seven days to complete the task,

“We were up against some very trying weather conditions. It was essential that we located the missing pieces so they wouldn’t float off and smash into the rocks and cause any more damage or danger” said Jok Smith, Infrastructure Team Leader.

Working so close to the water posed obvious OH&S issues, so Jok and his team used two-stroke engine powered tools to bore holes into the timber and carefully used other hand-held devices to complete the job. Ensuring the ramp would last through various conditions, Jok and his team also had to make a few adjustments to the initial proposal,

“The original design didn’t really provide for the significant structure strength. We had to manufacture and install a number of heavy steel brackets and used extremely large bolts to secure the ramp. It has definitely withstood the conditions so far” he said.

 “The client was very pleased with our attention to detail. If we had used the original design, there may have been issues in the future. The bolts have really secured the ramp into place, just in time for summer.”

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