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Online Monitoring of Gross Pollutant Traps

by Citywide | 28.11.2013
The routine maintenance team at Citywide working at Melbourne’s Infrastructure Contract has developed the “Trap App” a digital approach to the reporting of inspections and cleaning of gross pollutant traps.

Trap App Screen - CitywideWhat is a Gross Pollutant Trap?

Gross pollutant traps are devices used to prevent large items polluting waterways and are mainly used in stormwater drains, airports, beach fronts, industrial plants, flood plains and other locations and are generally used to collect larger items from the water, such as take away containers, leaves, bottles and plastic bags.

Smaller pollutants, such as dirt, chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria are not collected directly by the GPTs; however, some small particles are caught up in the larger items in the trap and thus prevented from reaching the waterway. They are commonly used as the primary treatment because they mostly remove non-biodegradable large pollutants.

There are various types of gross pollutant traps but all of them perform a similar function: trapping litter and sediment above 5 millimetres in size so that they can be removed from the water system. Since gross pollutant traps generally aren't effective in nutrient removal, they are most often used as part of a treatment train with other stormwater treatment measures such as wetlands or bio-retention systems.

Going paperless

The new web application replaces paper-based reporting previously used to monitor Melbourne’s stormwater network. Inspectors can now assign an inspection from any web based phone and submit the information back to the office for monthly reporting. Efficiency in time and resources have already been realised and are currently being tracked to demonstrate continued savings. In September the team showcased the app to the City of Melbourne to an excellent response.

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