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Rejuvenating an Iconic Bridge

by Citywide | 09.12.2013
The Erskine river swing bridge in Lorne, Victoria is a prolific structure giving tourists and locals alike the chance to explore the famous coastal area. The bridge has, however, reached the end of its useful life and was assessed necessary to be dismantled and redeveloped. The Infrastructure team at Citywide has been contracted with reinstating this much loved icon.

Erskine River Swin Bridge - CitywideThe aim is to retain the original appearance of the swing bridge with usage of ‘like for like’ materials where possible. In order to comply with modern engineering and safety standards, some steel components will be used with the original shape preserved for future generations.

In the first stage, the bridge was separated into four pieces before parts were suspended with cranes and placed onto the back of flat-line trucks, which were then taken to neighboring Apollo Bay,

"The pieces of the old bridge will be taken to Apollo Bay and recycled into furniture by one of our carpenters, David Brown, so at least the parts will be re-used" says Rob Thompson, Business Unit Manager.

Safety, planning and community consultation were key factors to consider in this project,

"Typical to all Citywide projects, we try to utilise the skills and input of the local community and contractors" says Ray Farrell, Operations Manager,

"We realise there is a community attachment to the historical bridge; however it’s vital we make it a secure asset. It will still retain the same charm as before" he says.

After the first stage was completed in November, the team will bring to life the new steel structure in February 2014.

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