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100ft Pine Tree Removal: A Vital Service for Community Safety

by Citywide | 22.01.2014
A 100ft pine tree was completely removed by the Citywide Tree Services team near Government House in Melbourne earlier this month. The Araucaria heterophylla had declined over a two-year period to a point where the tree had died and was assessed to be removed.

Government House Tree Removal - CitywideTree removal is a vital service Citywide provides to ensure public safety standards are met and maintained. Tree removal has evolved from relatively simple processes to ones that requires strong programming skills and strategy, due to the nature and sheer size of trees,

“In any given year, there will be in excess of 20 such removals within the CBD and each has its own intricate management needs which we are able to work with” says Dwayne Carter, Trees Supervisor

In this case, time was a factor and dropping branches at the base of the tree was to be avoided, as rare flora and fauna and a replacement semi-mature hoop pine was situated underneath it,

“If the tree was removed by climbing and rigging each section down like we normally do, the job would have taken considerably longer, and we would be disturbing the delicate plants below”

Instead, a 20-tonne crane and a 137ft tower were deployed so the tree could be removed in 5-6 tonne sections and cut up on the adjacent roadway. The removal took 3 ½ hours from start to finish, with the timber being sent on to be used by a local wood-milling group. Similar tree removal techniques are used in Fitzroy, Carlton and Flagstaff Gardens,

Government House Tree Removal - Citywide“Future tree removal in the inner city will continue to become more complex, with new super tram stops, added bike lanes and more developer pressures” says Dwayne.

Tree removals undertaken at such sites can get complicated and require a great deal of planning with council and the developers to ensure that the works can be undertaken with minimal disruptions to the development and other traders in the area.

“It’s up to us to make sure we can work out a safe and efficient way of arranging such works with minimal disruption” he says.

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