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Redefining the Standard in Stormwater Asset Management

by Citywide | 10.02.2014
A new drainage asset management service has been developed by Citywide to enable clients to effectively tackle the management of their stormwater assets.

The system uses the latest thinking in detailed mapping services and reporting, as well as a variety of technologies to effectively map a network, including CCTV, Quickview and GPS tracking technologies. It enables operators to assess the serviceability and structural integrity of its customer’s assets, and act swiftly.

In order to identify partial or complete blockages in stormwater drains, the following signs have usually been looked out for:

  • Unpleasant smells coming up from drain grates.
  • Outside areas that are too wet with excessive plant or grass growth
  • Areas where plants and trees have died from wet roots.
  • Stagnant, undrained smelly water pooling in outside areas

However, these methods are not entirely accurate and often require further excavation, which can be expensive and disruptive. A major advantage of CCTV pipe inspection is that all that is needed is access to the pipe to insert the camera. In the past, such tasks would require man labour and hours of digging to gain access to your pipe. Not only would there be extensive costs for labour for the digging and excavation, but any landscaping in the way of the work would be eliminated.

This new cost-effective solution offered by Citywide is therefore a welcome relief to those wishing to quickly gauge the condition of their pipeline infrastructure and build a future spend profile for the renewal and maintenance of all drainage assets.

Warren Bates, Operations Manager, is overseeing the deployment of this new service.

"Clearly, this is the perfect tool for our field staff involved with maintenance contracts. Information is easy to collect and easily distributed, and collected via various methods, including video. If drains are blocked, they will appear blocked. If damaged, we will see the damage," Warren said.

"The information collected allows us to assess the actions required, and propose workable and well budgeted responses. Essentially, this takes the guess work out of storm water pipeline maintenance contracts," he added.

The Benefits

  • Lifecycle Cost Savings - Allowing proactive maintenance works to occur i.e investing in places that need it most.
  • More for less - Comprehensive reporting that provides recommendations on future capital works spending.
  • Efficient Management of Assets - An asset inspection regine provides information to understand and identify problem hotspots

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