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Dynon Road Transfer Station Commits to Social Sustainability

by Citywide | 13.03.2014
The team at Citywide’s Dynon Road Transfer station led by Operations Manager Con Giannoukas have recently begun a partnership with not-for-profit organisation Bicycles For Humanity, to collect and send old bicycles to Africa.

Katima Bike Shop - CitywideFor people living in developing countries a bicycle can mean access to education, health care, fresh water and economic communities as it allows someone to travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load.

Bicycles for Humanity is giving individuals, families and communities in Africa access to this form of sustainable empowerment, collecting and sending old bicycles to partner organisations in various countries.

bicycles-for-humanityCitywide became involved in the project at the beginning of this year after Divisional Manager Chris Ryan, Business Manager Clyde Harding and Con were touring the Dynon Road transfer station and noticed the large number of bicycles getting crushed and sent away for scrap. “We all agreed we needed to put the bicycles to better use” said Con, who begun to investigate how Citywide could best recycle the unwanted bicycles.

Bicycles for Humanity was the perfect fit, allowing Citywide to recycle old bicycles whilst also contributing to social sustainability in developing countries. The bicycles sent by Citywide are sourced from the Dynon Road transfer station and shipped in forty foot containers to Namibia and Zambia where they create and re-supply two highly successful Bicycle Empowerment Centres. These centres provide sustainable transport in the form of bicycles, as well as workshops, training, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Con who has spearheaded Citywide’s involvement in the project, estimates that forty bicycles have been sent by Citywide so far, and predicts the transfer station will average approximately thirty per fortnight.

Learn more about our commitment to the community, Bicycles for Humanity, and our Dynon Road Transfer Station.

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