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Celebrating 5 Years of GreenPave

by Citywide | 27.03.2014
Today, Australian physical services company, Citywide, celebrates five years of laying Australia’s first low emission asphalt with ten communities across metropolitan Melbourne. Managing Director, Kerry Osborne, says it is a significant milestone for Victorian councils targeting zero net emissions from their municipalities.


“Over 200 kilometres of Greenpave has been laid across metropolitan Melbourne saving more than 357 tonnes of carbon dioxide, or over 7 million black balloons*.”

“Every bit as durable as standard asphalt, it has weathered flood, drought and intensifying traffic conditions on city streets and major roads,” he said.

Citywide GreenPave turns 5Production and lay of Greenpave asphalt produces 30 per cent less emissions than conventional ‘hot-mix’ asphalt. Produced at lower temperatures, it is also safer and emits less toxic fumes.

Mr Osborne acknowledged the company’s customers, the local councils progressively replacing high emission asphalt with Greenpave.

The safety and durability of Greenpave has been tested in flood, drought and heavy traffic conditions on city streets and major roads. VicRoads approved its use after a major arterial trial.

The increased production, supply chain efficiencies and economies of scale have rapidly moved pricing toward parity with conventional high-emission asphalt. The retail price of Greenpave is now just few dollars per tonne more than high-emission alternatives.

“A cup of coffee is all that stands between high emissions or a more responsible, greener alternative,” said Mr Osborne.

With over 129,000 kilometres of municipal roads in Victoria, the potential for making a meaningful impact on climate change is substantial.

“Local communities want action on climate change. This is a decisive way of meeting their expectations,” said Mr Osborne.

Citywide delivers integrated civil infrastructureopen space and environmental services to local and state governments and private enterprise in four Australian states. Greenpave is produced at the company’s state-of-the-art asphalt plant in North Melbourne, Victoria.

For more information on GreenPave, speak to the team today.

5 Years of GreenPave 

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