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Asphalt Plant Takes the Goal Zero Lead!

by User Not Found | 26.06.2014
The Citywide Group of companies is committed to the safety of all its employees. As a successful organisation, we always strive for world-class performance in everything we do. Staff safety is no exception. The increasing size and scope of our operations across Australia means that our responsibilities towards safety continue to expand alongside our operations.
On the 28th March 2014 Citywide Group employees downed tools for an hour and a half as part of the annual ‘Stop for Safety’ awareness day. Across the nation, employees participated in safety themed discussions and presentations.

Coinciding with this initiative, the Goal Zero campaign was launched. This initiative is aimed at achieving Zero Fatalities, Zero Injuries, Zero at fault motor vehicle accidents & Zero adverse impact to the environment.

Five rules were developed to help frame the campaign. Instrumental to Citywide’s safety culture, the rules are: 

Citywide Asphlat Plant - Citywide1: Always Drive Safely

It is important that staff obey all road rules when operating a vehicle. The major contributors to serious road trauma are speeding, alcohol, driving when tired, and not using seat belts.

2: No Alcohol or Drugs

Employees must not consume alcohol or drugs at work, nor can they be impaired in their ability to perform their duties safely by either alcohol or drugs.

3: Never Work Under Suspended Loads

Suspended loads must be supervised at all times. Accidents with suspended loads are often serious and sometimes fatal. Employees should never stand, walk or work under or near suspended loads. This can include tree branches, heavy equipment and machinery.

4: Only Work with a Valid License to Operate Vehicles and Machinery

All employees must have a correct and valid license before they operate any vehicle, equipment and/or machinery.

5: Always Wear Approved PPE

One way to prevent injury at work is to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Three months into the campaign, Goal Zero has become an integral part of Citywide’s work ethic, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of staff, contractors and community is paramount.

More recently, Damien Hodge and his dedicated team of safety personnel unveiled Goal Zero’s five lifesaving rules on one of the asphalt plant’s hot bins. Standing nearly seven metres tall, the sign proudly displays Citywide’s commitment towards a safe working environment.

Visible from Arden Street, the bright signage compliments various other Goal Zero messages adorning the asphalt facility.

Safety always starts with us. Together we will achieve GOAL ZERO.

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