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Managing Water in our landscape: Water sensitive urban design

by Citywide | 01.09.2014
Water is one of our most precious resources as we rely on it heavily for nearly every function we perform. Therefore it is important that it is managed in a smart and efficient way so that we can enjoy it and its many uses for a much longer time to come. Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) is just one of the many ways that we can make sure we use water to its full potential in a beneficial and sustainable way.

WSUD ensures that urban planning and water come together to support and enhance local ecosystems and improve the quality of water, landscapes and the experiences of those who interact with them.

By using stormwater, wastewater and groundwater in the development and maintenance of urban horticulture and landscape design we ease the stress on water supplies as well as maximising the capability of recycled water. Not only does WSUD minimise water wastage, but provides a higher quality product for a lower price when it comes to urban planning and development. WSUD diminishes the need for complex drainage and irrigation systems, instead using simpler and more environmentally stable methods to ensure safe clean water.

At Citywide we use a range of WSUD measures - primary, secondary and tertiary - that can be implemented to treat water that vary depending on where it came from and where it is going. Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs), sediment and oil can be used as both temporary and permanent systems to separate the undesirable elements from recycled water, allowing it to be beneficially used in urban environments. Furthermore, systems such as buffer strips, swales, infiltration and sand filters all work to help remove finer sediment as well as metals and bacteria. Finally, larger bio-retention systems and constructed wetlands can be implemented to remove unwanted nutrients and heavy metals from flowing water.

Groups of horticulture and water management professionals audit WSUD sites to ensure optimal function and benefit to the community, and continually allow for any adjustments that need to me made such as cleaning, removal of unwanted objects and replacement of the filtration layers.

WSUD is an innovative and environmentally sustainable way of managing water at a time when water security and environmental conservation are global issues. Implementing these strategies at a local level is just one way to encourage resource management on a larger scale.

If your organisation interested in more information about WSUD, why not call and speak to Tim, our WSUD expert and the experienced team at Citywide.

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