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Retaining the integrity of Melbourne’s waste stream

by Citywide | 28.10.2014
Citywide collects municipal waste for the cities of Melbourne, Manningham and Moreland. We also collect trade waste from businesses large and small across metropolitan Melbourne.

All waste or recyclable materials are collected in the same way, using different vehicles for different sized bins or to truck waste or recyclables from Citywide’s transfer station to its final destination.

In this article we use the City of Melbourne as a case study on the collection and sorting process.

Recycling more every year

Last year 37,000 tonnes of waste was collected in the City of Melbourne - 21 per cent was recycled.

Through waste education programs and more effective collection and sorting practices, recycling from the municipality has increased by 13.5 per cent year on year.

Recycling makes sense, there are significant environmental and economic incentives. Less waste to landfill means less waste on natural resources and less emissions from the transportation and conversion of natural resources into consumables. Less waste to landfill also means we leave less behind for future generations.

There’s important economic incentives. It costs more in fuel, manpower and vehicle costs to truck waste out to landfill from Melbourne’s inner suburbs. It costs more to dump as well: rubbish tip gate fees have increased significantly over the past decade. Recycling companies compete to source recyclables from companies like Citywide which helps to offset the costs of collection and sorting municipal and trade waste.

Further reducing our environmental footprint, Citywide continually investments in sustainable technology and practices. We were the first company in Victoria to introduce municipal collection vehicles fuelled by CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and we test alternative fuel sources such as bio-fuels and lubricants. We also minimise water use and recycle water from wash bays.

The Collection Process

Every week, Citywide makes sixteen municipal waste pick-up runs across the City of Melbourne, consisting of nine general waste runs, five co-mingled recycling runs and two paper/cardboard recycling runs. Early starts are the norm. Drivers begin their shifts at 6.00am, collecting waste before commuters fill city streets.

Importantly, the responsibility falls on our drivers and collectors to retain the integrity of the waste stream. If they take a load of recyclables contaminated with non-recyclable waste to recycling facilities, they contaminate the waste stream - with significant attributable costs.

To insure the integrity of the waste stream, this is our process:

  1. Drivers and trucks leave the depot at 6.00am.
  2. General waste, paper and co-mingling recycling trucks collect the various marked bins.
  3. Recycling and paper bins are checked for contamination to ensure contaminated recycling waste does not contaminate recycling operations.
  4. If recycling bins are contaminated they are noted and a driver will call in the location of the contaminated bin to be picked up by the general waste truck.
  5. All trucks – those collecting recyclables and those collecting general waste – head to the Dynon Road waste transfer facility.

The Sorting Process

Located at 437 Dynon Road, Kensington, Citywide’s waste transfer facility is the largest of its kind in Victoria and one of the five largest in Australia. It provides waste management services to various local government and commercial clients.

Here’s how the sorting process works:

  1. All trucks make their way to the Citywide waste transfer station that operates a 24 hour card sorting operation and is open 1.00am until 3.00pm.
  2. Some waste streams are processed through the facility such as recycling, which generally consists of paper, cardboard, steel and organics.
  3. All recyclable materials are then compressed.
  4. Compressed recyclable materials are then sent to various recycling facilities across Victoria.

Waste Transfer Station - Citywide

We are very proud of the role our waste collectors play in reducing waste to landfill and we thank our partners for supporting our mission to recycle more waste every year.

If you would like any more information about our waste management services or our waste transfer facility, speak to us today.



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