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Preparing the Shrine Ahead of 80th Anniversary and Remembrance Day

by User Not Found | 28.11.2014
For the past month Citywide has been working diligently with Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance to reinvigorate surroundings ahead of the Shrine’s 80th Anniversary and Remembrance Day services.
A $45 million redevelopment that included a new 1,600-square-metre exhibition space, an education centre and auditorium was opened on Tuesday to mark the 80th anniversary of the dedication of Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance. The day also marked the 95th Remembrance Day, which observes the end of the First World War throughout all 53 member states of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Shrine of Remembrance

Citywide’s Open Space and Infrastructure teams have been honoured to work on the historically significant project, which included civil and landscaping upgrades to the Shrine’s surrounds.

Citywide’s Project Manager Craig McClare oversaw the works from planning to completion. “The project involved a comprehensive planning phase and an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to execute in time for the unveiling and Remembrance Day. Everyone worked hard to a firm deadline, and the result is one we are all really proud of.”

The project involved garden bed preparation, asphalt lay and installing curbing to create a new VIP car park at the front of the Shrine, which also serves a loading dock that accesses the new auditorium. Retractable bollards were installed in addition to extending a central garden bed that required curbing and turf installation. New asphalt pathways were also laid and painted to integrate with the surrounding environment, mimicking the colour of The Tan running track that passes by the Shrine.

 Shrine of Remembrance

Open Space crews replaced turf at the front of the historic landmark, as well as removing several mature trees and replanting new ones. New hedge and garden beds were installed, and the irrigation was re-engineered to compliment the design.  All works were carried out using over 80 per cent recycled water, ensuring sustainability targets were upheld throughout the project.

The project was not without its challenges. The team were unable to plan for works until Heritage permits were issued. Once underway, our teams worked around each other, with up to 13 contractors on site at any one time, in addition to crews on site preparing the inside of the Shrine.  The Citywide team worked closely with the team at the Shrine to coordinate works and reduce impact to visitors and contractors at the iconic Melbourne landmark.

The project now enters a 13 week maintenance period under the guidance of Supervisor Tim Burger. “It’s important to us to have the opportunity to maintain one of Melbourne’s most historically significant spaces, as well as honour the great work Craig and his team have done over the last month by carrying out a meticulous maintenance schedule.”

The site was finished off with Bay Laurel hedges, which are featured throughout the surrounding gardens and Flanders Poppies which are a globally recognised emblem of Remembrance Day, to commemorate those who died in the line of duty.

Shrine of Remembrance 

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