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Citywide proudly shaping Townsville

by Citywide | 04.12.2014
CITYWIDE has played an integral role in shaping and beautifying Townsville as the company expands further into Queensland.
As part of its contract to deliver Open Space services, Citywide has relied upon its knowledge and innovation to enhance the overall aesthetics of the significant reserves, boulevards and open space that makes Townsville a popular tourist destination.

Over 45 employees, mostly Townsville residents, take care of the contracts to deliver exceptional service to the community.

The team take a lot of pride in rejuvenating Townsville Airport – a project that kicked off in December last year. It has played a pivotal role in boosting Citywide’s profile in the area.

In what’s being dubbed a major coup, Citywide carry out high level maintenance works as well as suggest areas that could be improved.

Citywide Horticultural Supervisor Toni Kelly says the team conduct a lot of infill planting to bring every garden up to a high standard.

“I’m proud of our crews, they have a lot of local knowledge about plants, soil types and weather patterns,” Ms Kelly said.

“This makes it much easier for us as a team to run the contract successfully.”

In addition to employing local residents, Citywide moved to spend $2 million on equipment sourced from local suppliers to give the local economy a much needed boost.


The expansion into Tropical Queensland highlights Citywide’s commitment to providing efficient and effective physical services to regions in Australia.

But the list of accolades doesn’t end there.

Citywide have also been busily servicing the Townsville Port Authority creating immaculate looking surrounds.

From boat ramps to gardens, Citywide’s expertise can be seen throughout the vibrant city.

Citywide’s Turf Supervisor Tim Bullock says the coup shows our commitment to bringing the area up to a high standard.

“It’s important for us to put our best foot forward and make sure our client is happy with our work,” Mr Bullock said.

Garden maintenance works at Townsville’s Maritime Museum is also part of Citywide’s role.

“We make sure the boat ramps are clean and free of slime and debris so locals can get in and out safely and without slipping over,” he said.

“The team have done a great job out here and all of Townsville has seen the benefits.”

Townsville is known to be cyclone prone so it is vital the team work together to safeguard the area as much as possible.

“If we have any trees that fall or anything that needs attending to for safety reasons, we’re only a phone call away,” he said.

The feedback from the community has been positive as Citywide strive to provide value for money maintenance of the city’s landscapes for all ratepayers to enjoy.

“We’re always getting positive feedback on how beautiful the work is and how much of a difference it makes to the city.”

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