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Spider ILD02 Slope Mower showcases in Sydney

by Citywide | 08.01.2015
Sterling Group Services has been selected to undertake grounds mowing services at an iconic Sydney Park. Sterling’s win can be largely attributed to the company’s recent acquisition of a Spider ILD02 Slope Mower, an innovative piece of technology that resembles a ride on mower, but is remote controlled.

The ‘Spider’ has been a sound investment for Sterling, as it can be sent in to mow steep or dangerous areas that were unsafe for team members, as well as areas that could be home to harmful wildlife while being controlled remotely from a safe distance of up to 100 metres.

Improved safety is not the only benefit, it also increases productivity and therefore decreases service time as well as service cost for the customer. The Spider has approximately the same productivity levels as five team members using traditional brush cutters.


Operations Manager Shane Burrows was instrumental in the purchase and implementation of the Spider mower and is excited about the growing interest it has received. “The Spider mower is something that’s unique to Sterling at this point, and it helps us to provide an extremely safe and efficient service”.

Currently Shane is only one of two Sterling employees qualified to operate the mower, with training sessions organised in the near future for additional team members as more and more projects are undertaken utilising this unique service.

The purchase of the spider further enhances Sterling’s ability to deliver quality and cutting edge services, as they are the only open space contractor in New South Wales to currently own one. Sterling employees will be providing demonstrations to key industry customers and commercial clients showcasing the Spider’s innovative capabilities.

Being able to offer these services to new and existing clients is a huge step forward for Sterling in growing and maintaining its name as a highly innovative and respected provider of open space services.

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