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by Citywide | 27.01.2015
Citywide recently submitted a proposal to the ACT Government to provide dryland grass mowing services across the territory. Citywide bid for all three tendered regions, and to its credit, Citywide was successful in all three regions, re-affirming that Citywide offers a high quality and value-based service.

Citywide is excited to expand its services regarding the beautiful surrounds of our seat of government, and aim to continue making these historic open spaces a fitting place for a nation’s capital and the true inspiration that they should be.

These new mowing contracts complement already established operations in the ACT. Since 2010, Citywide has been maintaining and enhancing the value of assets for Canberra’s National Capital Authority (NCA). Citywide has worked hard to provide a standard of service appropriate to the site’s national significance, a site that covers approximately 120 hectares and includes world renowned parklands and gardens including the Parliamentary Triangle, the National Rose Gardens, Commonwealth Park, Acton Peninsula, King’s Park and Old Parliament House.

The mowing contracts total approximately 1,600 hectares and assets include road verges, medians, roundabouts, adjoining parklands, floodways, bicycle pathways, pedestrian pathways and open space areas. At present the contracts in the South and Central regions are underway, with the North region commencing around March 2015.

Canberra mowing 2015 - Citywide

As a result of winning these contracts, Citywide has purchased new equipment to enable them to cut these areas efficiently. Two new permanent and three new casual team members have also been employed to assist in the successful delivery of these services.

Citywide employs local people, which means that not only do the ACT Government benefit from home-grown knowledge and expertise, but that the local economy and community is also receiving support. As Rachael Dawes (Citywide’s Operations Manager in the ACT) states:

“All staff employed on this contract are locals and have valuable geographical knowledge to put in place. This allows each team to evaluate the sites to be mown and apply their extensive knowledge to make the runs very efficient.”

The employees that make up the mowing teams undertook Yellow Card Traffic Management training, ensuring they understand their responsibilities in relation to public safety, signage and monitoring of traffic, all of which have the potential for high risks if not safely carried out. Citywide is committed to fostering an excellent safety culture and safety practices, and in 2014 the company launched its new ‘Goal ZERO’ safety campaign with its company-wide Stop4Safety training and awareness event.

Due to excellent service delivery, Citywide’s portfolio of services has been extended to now also include a variation contract with the National Capital Authority to maintain the National memorials. There are approximately over 100 sites ranging from plaques to very large artwork and structures; these include the war memorials on ANZAC Parade (excluding the Australian War Memorial itself). Citywide also received a contract variation to maintain 20 additional car parks in the Parliamentary Triangle, and another variation to maintain the new Boundless children’s playground in Kings Park, which has been referred to as ‘Australia's premier all abilities playground’.

Canberra war memorials 2015 - Citywide

Citywide is committed to achieving the highest standards of presentation, whilst minimising environmental impacts and recognising that our service reflects the world class standing of the territory. As a socially conscientious organisation, employing local staff to deliver the services ensures that the local community receives support and everyone benefits from their intimate knowledge of the landscape.

Citywide is proud and honoured to have the opportunity to assist in creating an excellent experience for residents and visitors in our nation’s capital.

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