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Citywide wins billy cart race

by Citywide | 30.01.2015
CITYWIDE’S Infrastructure team took out line honours to claim victory in the Kensington Australia Day Festival’s annual billy cart competition.

The cleverly built cart turned heads as it reached speeds of almost 40 kilometres an hour.

Works Coordinator Andrew Makohon says the team fought off three other competitors, in the corporate class section, to win the race.


“We really wanted to win and dedicated over 100 hours of labour intensive work to build the cart,” Andrew said.

“To actually win the trophy was exhilarating and we are thrilled to be able to take part in the race, especially on Australia Day.”

Organisers say the family-friendly street festival attracted over 5000 people, a significant jump from previous years.

Kids lined up to take a closer look of the Citywide Racing Team cart and some were even lucky enough to take it for a test drive.

“They couldn’t get enough of it,” Andrew said.

“A lot of the kids commented it looked like a million bucks. They had a lot of fun driving it down the hill as well.”

Citywide’s Chris Beech and Vasko Damcevski all pitched in to turn the racing cart dream into a reality.

“It was a fantastic team effort and everyone put in 100 per cent,” Andrew said.

“For us it was an opportunity to promote our services and the fact we are Australian owned and operated.”

Citywide play an important role in Kensington, an area governed by the City of Melbourne who sponsored the event. Citywide provides essential services in the community including all concrete and asphalt works.

Participating in the annual event is a way for the Citywide team can promote their work in the local community.

“We really enjoyed speaking to the locals and telling them about our commitment to providing them with our high calibre of services,” Mr Makohon said.

“They were very interested and we received some very positive feedback.”


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