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Citywide commits to being ‘Waste Wise’

by Citywide | 09.03.2015
CITYWIDE achieved a Bronze Waste Wise Certification status from the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG). This comes after Citywide refocused its Waste Wise action plan and reaffirmed its commitment to operating an increasingly sustainable business.

The group, previously known as Metropolitan Waste Management Group (MWMG), administer the Waste Wise program and the Business Efficiency Program to promote waste avoidance and reduction initiatives to local government and businesses.

For Citywide’s customers, they can be proud to partner with a company that has a proven track record of being ‘clean and green’ and are committed to further reducing the environmental impacts associated with waste disposal including land use and greenhouse gas emissions. Citywide recognises that customers and the community are placing greater importance on companies honouring the environment, and expect their service providers to be continually harnessing new technologies to influence the industry in a positive way. Citywide are currently installing Australia’s first Street Sweeping Recycling Plant, which is just one of the innovative and sustainable solutions to come from the organisation in recent years.

Citywide has been a part of the Waste Wise program for many years, which has worked with over 30 Melbourne Council’s to facilitate the delivery of waste management and resource recovery across metropolitan areas. The program is designed to improve waste infrastructure and continually decrease the amount of rubbish diverted to landfill. It also lobbies local government and businesses to maximise the recovery of materials from waste.

Although Citywide has previously held the Waste Wise certification for its Victorian based operations, the company’s growth in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland meant that Citywide’s action plan needed to be re-written to include its nation-wide operations. This was no small feat with Citywide providing a diverse range of maintenance services. In order to successfully obtain the accreditation, Citywide conducted a waste audit looking at the current waste streams and identifying improvements to divert even more waste away from landfill. With a renewed plan, Citywide will now implement and monitor the results over the next two years.

Sustainability Coordinator John Hassall said it’s a significant achievement for Citywide.  “Our business has changed a lot since we were last certified and we now have our whole business involved in reducing waste and increasing recycling,” John said. “This is important to our valued clients, many of which are members of the MWRRG and hold the certification in high regard.”

John recently attended the Waste Wise Melbourne Network Breakfast to accept the certificate on the company’s behalf. As part of our commitment to delivering waste services to The City of Melbourne, Citywide is proud of our valued certification and has renewed confidence towards achieving Level 3 accreditation - Gold.  “We are now implementing our action plan with some exciting recycling projects underway to ensure we continually move towards achieving the Gold Certification in the future,” John said.

To gain the highest ranking, companies must demonstrate leadership within their industry and have significant influence on their customers, suppliers or the community’s waste wise practices. Currently over 200 businesses and local councils are a part of the Waste Wise program in Victoria.


MWRRG's role is to:

  1. Minimise waste

  2. Maximise resource recovery and the sustainable recovery of materials from waste

  3. Improve waste infrastructure

  4. Integrate statutory planning for waste and resource recovery

  5. Manage residual waste to minimise the damage it can have on the environment

  6. Promote best practice methods especially in the municipal solid waste sector through integrated projects and the provision of expertise and resources




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