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Tree planting goes City-wide in Bendigo

by Citywide | 09.07.2015
Citywide’s Bendigo team have been providing tree planting and maintenance services to the City of Greater Bendigo for three years, and were incredibly pleased to learn that our contract was recently extended for the additional two years of the contract. The Council and the community are extremely happy with the service we provide, and appreciate that our team manage the tree planting process to the highest industry standard with less than 1% mortality rate.

The crew is made up of four team members and is driven by Supervisor Andy Campbell. City of Greater Bendigo Team Leader of Arboriculture, Adrian Ryan, wishes to acknowledge the great work and dedication to the Advanced Tree Planting and Maintenance Program exhibited by Andy and his crew.

The team provide an excellent service, demonstrating high attention to detail all while bringing invaluable local knowledge to the contract. “It’s great to have locals in our team and to be supporting the local economy. We all have a connection to the region and are glad to be contributing to shaping the landscape for the community,” said Andy.

“It’s really nice to drive or walk past and see the trees that you’ve planted growing and doing well. And one day you can point them out to your kids and tell them, ‘I planted those trees’”. Andy Campbell

Our team plant approximately 1,500 (1,456 in 2014 and approximately 1,300 this year) 'advanced' trees (trees over 1.5 metres tall) each year throughout the municipality, which is extremely sparse, unlike other typical suburban council contracts. This also means that there is a fair amount of driving involved because the council boundaries stretch very far e.g. Heathcote and Elmore. We plant a variety of both native and exotic species, which are programmed by City of Greater Bendigo staff, and are carefully selected to suit a variety of conditions and circumstances.

planting trees in Bendigo - Citywide“We plant lots of street trees in nature strips, but we also plant feature trees in some of Bendigo’s beautiful, historic parks, such as Rosalind Park and Lake Weeroona,” said Andy. Trees selected for these locations can be of particularly large container size, some of which are quite exotic in nature that have been sourced and grown to vandal-safe size by the City of Greater Bendigo nursery staff. The City of Greater Bendigo arboriculture staff also provide support with their crane trucks for handling these larger container size trees.

The team electronically record every tree planted to assist with auditing and maintaining the tree assets for the Council. A maintenance program is then put in place, which involves watering between 2,600 and 2,800 trees per year.

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