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National Tree Day: Citywide give 900 plants a new home on the Hampton Foreshore!

by Citywide | 07.08.2015
Citywide’s Bayside Bushland and Nursery crew braved the sub-zero temperature and blustery wind and ran a tree-planting event on National Tree Day (26 July).

Team Leader Jo Hurse said our team who ran the event were wonderful workers and all put on brave faces and got stuck in despite the Antarctic conditions.

“The crew and I were in thermals – pants and tops – under our uniforms! We were right on Hampton foreshore slopes and fortunately didn’t get blown away," Jo said.

"The sun was out, but the wind was horrific – apparently, with the wind chill factor the temperature was minus 7!”

National Tree Day 2015 - Citywide 

“Whilst the inclement weather kept a lot of people away (it was our quietest National Tree Day in my fifteen years of involvement), we were still drew four very brave members of the public out to join us; three of them were from the ‘Beach Patrol 3188’ group based in Hampton. The ‘Beach Patrol’ concept is growing in popularity around Melbourne’s beaches, with each group being identified by their suburb’s postcode.”

“All in all we planted around 500 plants, and the crew finished the planting on Monday with another 400!”

“Regenerating the foreshore is integral to maintaining the health of Bayside’s coastline. We are proud to be care-takers of the local parks and reserves. It’s great to give back to a community which we are so lucky to service.”

Citywide have been delivering open space services to the Bayside community since 2001. Our Bayside horticulturalists are experts in propagation and maintenance of indigenous plants from local provenance. Read more about the Bayside Community Nursery and our open space services.


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