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Big Bellies Are In!

by Citywide | 26.05.2016
Citywide is getting to the ‘guts’ of waste removal by servicing six ‘BigBelly’ bins with smart sensor technology which are being installed at some of Melbourne’s busiest CBD locations.

Designed to reduce waste overflow the new bins have a 560 litre capacity compared to standard public litter bins which hold 80 litres.

Matt Williams, Citywide Business Manager welcomed the new innovation. "With up to a million people coming into Melbourne on a busy day, bins are filling faster than ever before. With some high foot traffic areas like Flinders Street Station requiring up to eight collections a day, BigBelly bins will complement and improve our waste collection services to the City of Melbourne,” said Matt.

Big Bellie Bin in Melbourne's Southbank

The bins compact rubbish as it’s collected, fitting more in, and include sensors that are solar-powered. When the bin is 70 per cent full, Citywide is alerted and the bins are emptied within the hour, contributing to Citywide’s aim to keep our city streets clean and promote the positive Aussie outdoors experience Melbourne is famous for.

The BigBelly Bins can be seen in action at the following locations:

•Queensberry Square in Southbank (three bins)
•North Bank underpass outside Flinders Street Station (one)
•Corner of Elizabeth Street and Flinders Street (one)
•Corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street (one).

Contact us for more information on Citywide’s waste services.  

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