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Citywide employees arrested on suspicion of parking meters theft - statement

by Citywide | 01.11.2017
Three Citywide employees, including a labour hire worker, were arrested shortly after 2pm today on suspicion of theft of revenue from Melbourne parking meters.

This incident appears to be a disappointing example of a few individuals succumbing to the temptation in front of them. These individuals do not share our company values and lost sight of their responsibilities and accountability to the community, the customer, and their workmates.

With Citywide’s systems identifying anomalies in the operating procedures on the Melbourne parking meters contract, we acted decisively to launch an immediate and thorough internal investigation which resulted in the identification of the alleged culprits.

Although this is an isolated incident, we are nevertheless deeply disappointed to know the individuals concerned acted in this manner and succumbed to temptation.

We feel sorry for their families, but we will not tolerate any inappropriate or illegal behaviour, and these actions left us with no other course of action but to immediately suspend them from duty pending the result of the internal investigation.

Given the nature of our work, we make no apologies for having stringent operational and disciplinary procedures in place.

We strive for, and demand, the highest standards of behaviour and integrity and we take our obligations to our customers and the communities we operate in very seriously. If we find any employees whose values are not aligned with ours, we will always take swift and decisive action to remedy such breaches.

At Citywide, we are proud of our Purpose – to shape liveable cities for the host communities in which we work and whom we serve.

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