Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games : Waste

Melbourne 2006  Commonwealth Games

With over 300,000 people attending daily sporting and cultural events, the 2006 Commonwealth Games was the largest, most complex event ever staged in Melbourne. For two weeks in March 2006, Melbourne was on the world stage.

Planning for Key Challenges:

Citywide was acutely aware of the high service standards expected by the City of Melbourne during the Games. The overall challenge was to maintain the pristine appearance of the city’s streets, laneways and public domain areas despite a massive increase in pedestrian traffic and refuse leading up to during and immediately following the Games. Our objectives: 

  • to accommodate the increase in pedestrian refuse in the lead up to, during and immediately following the Games
  • to ensure the highest standard of waste and litter collection in the city and public domain areas
  • to take into account the existing waste service contracts
  • to provide on-call 24 hour continuity of service delivery
  • to consider additional risks, such as terrorism and public safety, in planning

To achieve its objectives Citywide took a number of important measures:

  • Detailed logistics planning (including contingency plans for unforseen events/situations) and service delivery was integrated with that of the City of Melbourne and Games stakeholders
  • Dedicated, 24-hour response centres were established in CBD locations 
  • Citywide’s 24-hour maintenance workshop and 7 fulltime mechanics were placed on standby, ensuring immediate responses to repair and maintenance requests
  • Coordination of waste collection with Citywide’s service units for street cleansing, traffic management, and civil operations (the benefit of Citywide’s unique, diversified service model)
  • Deployment of additional equipment to ensure 3 waste collection vehicles and 1 public place recycling truck were continuously on the street from 6am to 12am - 1 week prior to, during, and in the week following the games
  • Provided additional services outside of Citywide’s contract to ensure that every bin in the City of Melbourne precinct was emptied when full
  • Rotating, additional shifts to ensure skilled employees were constantly in the field

The most obvious measurement of Citywide’s success was the cleanliness of the city, an outcome which drew praise from visitors, the State Government of Victoria, Melbourne 2006 Organising Committee, City of Melbourne and the media. Other outcomes included:

  • Uninterrupted, seamless delivery of services throughout the games period despite a 30 tonne (23% increase) in refuse collection and 148 tonne (42% increase) in sweepings
  • No equipment downtime or lost time injuries

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