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Street Sweeping Recycling Plant - Citywide

Currently in Victoria, all municipal street sweeping waste goes directly to landfill. Citywide is now championing the future of recycling in Australia with its new Street Sweeping Recycling Plant.

Press Release 7.5.2015 : Australia's First Street Sweeping Recycling Plant unveiled

As pioneers of innovation, Citywide worked with recycling technology experts, CDEnviro, to construct a Street-Sweeping Recycling Plant at its Dynon Road Waste Transfer Station. This technology is the first of its kind in Australia (and the entire Southern hemisphere).

In Europe and the UK, the recycling of street sweeping waste is commonplace, using proven technologies and plants that have been operational for over a decade. Citywide is excited to be the first to implement this technology in Australia – it is something that will benefit its customers, the community and the environment, and Citywide is also proud to introduce an innovation that will raise the standard of street sweeping recycling in Melbourne and beyond.

Just a few of the benefits include:

  • Assisting councils in achieving their waste reduction targets under their own Environmental Management Plans.
  • Reducing negative impact on the environment by deferring waste from landfill.
  • The by-product (filter/sludge cake) can be utilised for construction materials.
  • Diverting 55 to 80 per cent of street sweeping waste from landfill, depending on end markets for recovered products.

The Plant is based on proven mining techniques; materials will be collected from sweeping and drainage operations and then processed through the facility to create a range of by-products. Material goes in, gets washed and sorted according to size and weight; a safe and biodegradable chemical is then added that breaks up any nasty heavy metals. The washing-water used in the process is continually cleaned and recycled within the system, with the ultimate goal of utilising any excess water throughout other Citywide operations.

The material typically recovered from this process includes:

  • Washed sand and washed grit and stone – these products could be used in asphalt production (reducing raw material costs and the embodied energy used in asphalt production).
  • Ferrous metals, for recovery in metallurgical plants.
  • Organic material.
  • Sludge-dewatered fine materials.
  • Mixed landfill and recyclable waste.

Citywide will have the capacity to process approximately 12,000 tonne of collected materials per annum, the equivalent of 240,000* green waste bins. The Plant is controlled by a touch screen display and can be monitored by a mobile application remotely. It is built in a modular fashion, which means that elements can be changed and upgraded to allow Citywide to adapt to an ever-changing market.

This project is just the first stage of Citywide’s Waste Transfer Station’s transformation into a Recycling Facility.

The company is in the process of exploring opportunities for powering the Recycling Facility, including the utilisation of solar panels, with the aim of minimising the overall environmental impact of the site and ultimately become self-sufficient in terms of energy. Citywide is playing its part in creating a more sustainable future for Australia.

Citywide is thrilled to bring this range of new cutting-edge and sustainable solutions to its customers in 2015. Citywide aims to expand this technology beyond Melbourne in the future, making this unique service available throughout many locations in Australia.

With continued investment in market leading technology, the company increase its capacity to service customer, community and the needs of the natural environment. Producing innovative and sustainable outcomes for its clients is one of Citywide’s main goals.

CDEnviro are currently helping with the installation of the Plant, and training the Citywide team in its operation. Fergal Campbell, CustomCare Manager at CDEnviro comments: “The success of CDEnviro’s technology for recycling road sweepings and gully waste has been proven in the UK and European markets. We are delighted Citywide have chosen to bring this innovative system to Australia”.

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* calculation based upon recommended safe volume for collection.

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