Bolte Bridge

Bolte Bridge - Citywide

Project Profile:

  • Preparation and implementation of traffic management for continuous operation over each weekend.
  • Works carried out over two weekends maintaining traffic across the bridge.
  • Over 1 kilometre of profiling and resheeting of all inbound lanes across the Bolte bridge from Footscray Rd to Monash Freeway.
  • Profiling off 40 mm depth of existing asphalt
  • Supply and lay one 20 mm layer of 7 mm dense grade asphalt and one 30 mm layer of 10 mm Open graded asphalt. (Approx 2000 tonne total)
  • Raising of stormwater grated pits to match new finished surface levels 

Project Gallery

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Works were delivered in accordance with the clients requirements. These included:
  • High emphasis on level control to ensure excellent rideability of finished surface.
  • High emphasis on traffic management at the site to ensure public and worker safety.
  • Minimal impact on Citylink customers
  • High level of project supervision prior to and during the delivery of works
  • Works completed on time and on budget
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