Birrarung Mar - Melbourne

Birrarung Mar Melbourne Project - Citywide

Citywide provided landscape construction, drainage and irrigation services for one of Melbourne's most iconic event spaces.

Project Profile:

  • Works took 30 weeks to complete
  • Installation of an ‘eel path’ which is approximately 100 m long made from 466 cast iron tiles each approximately 800 mm x 800 mm
  • Constructing a performance area which included the placement and fixing of nine large rocks (up to 15 - 20 tonne each)
  • Reinstatement of irrigation and drainage
  • Landscaping (including turfing) of the area

Birrarung Mar hosts some of Melbourne’s most iconic events.

Ranging from Christmas festivities and New Year celebrations to Melbourne’s Moomba Festival, this landmark site has provided millions of visitors with a venue to celebrate and relax.

In 2006, Citywide was awarded the contract for constructing and installing several major indigenous art / landscape projects. These artworks included the installation of a 100m long ‘eel path’ and a performance area which involved the placement and fixing of nine large rocks (up to 15 - 20 tonne each).

During construction, Citywide worked closely with Melbourne Events to ensure activities being undertaken in the Birrarung Mar precinct were not significantly affected by the works. With public safety a priority at all times, additional barricading was used to ensure Citywide could continue working on the project in a safe, effective and timely manner.

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