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Administering close to 1.5 million trees throughout Australia’s eastern seaboard, Citywide has always been in search of innovative methods to help distinguish it from competitors, whilst providing clients with high levels of service.

Looking after the City of Melbourne’s historic and iconic canopy of majestic trees has always been a challenge due to the frequent population and traffic flows.

The challenge faced by Citywide’s arborists has been to identify the best (and indeed safest time) to maintain Melbourne’s trees. The formative pruning and maintenance performed on these trees can contribute to traffic congestion, be a danger to passing pedestrians, disrupt public transport, and impact on trade  

Cars, traffic congestion, pedestrians, trams, overhead power cables, busses, staff safety, all need to be carefully taken into account before the trees can be considered for any type of maintenance works.

A few years ago, a group of Citywide arborists approached management and suggested that all inner-city tree maintenance be performed after hours. In a bid to minimise the impact on traffic, transport and pedestrians, Citywide instigated this suggestion to provide maintenance services to the City’s trees, thus limiting possible adverse impact on people, business, public transport and traffic.

Years of combined experience and knowledge working on the City of Melbourne trees contract has led Citywide’s tree crews to now conduct all tree maintenance works between the hours of 10:30pm and 6:00am, with chipping commencing at 7:00am. With the works performed throughout the night, disruption to Melbourne businesses, traffic, public transport and pedestrians is significantly minimised.

All equipment used throughout the night is specifically designed to reduce sound. This includes the use of hydraulic cutters, right through to battery powered blowers. 

“Our night works initiative is the best way we can effectively manage the maintenance of Melbourne’s ever increasing tree canopy, whilst allowing the city to function with minimal noise and disruption to its inhabitants and visitors. Not only is this initiative far less intrusive, it’s safer and allows us to achieve a greater level of productivity having eliminated many of the day to day distractions,” said Dwayne Carter Citywide’s Operations Manager overseeing the service.

“Our people really enjoy the opportunity to work whilst Melbourne’s residents sleep. By morning as the sun rises and the city kicks into gear, we are packing up and heading back to base having achieved in one night what may normally take two days to complete.”

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Watch the Video

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