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Public liability and risk management are now critical to the delivery of civil infrastructure and open space maintenance services.

A leading provider of physical services to local government, statutory authorities and commercial industry, Citywide is acutely aware of the risks and responsibilities to our customers – not only in the delivery of maintenance services, but also the expectations that all works are transparent and audit-able.

An effective asset management system underpins the successful delivery of best practice, compliant and high quality services. It is essential that the system captures all asset data such as trees, street furniture, park features, footpaths, drainage, signage, road patching and traffic treatments.

Collection of asset data should be controlled by a secure and flexible system which supports all aspects of the planning, management and delivery of both scheduled maintenance activities and reactive requests Citywide’s award winning TRAX asset management and resource scheduling system delivers at every step of the maintenance cycle.

Developed and tested across a range of specifications,TRAX is a comprehensive asset management system offered to Citywide’s clients. 

TRAX employs a range of seamlessly integrated computerised systems and is comprised of four key product offerings: from a basic model through to the ultimate asset management solution:

  • TRAX One  - data capture
  • TRAX Dual - data capture, condition ratings and defects
  • TRAX Trinity - data capture, condition ratings and defects, scheduling of works and works completion
  • TRAX Quantum  - data capture, condition ratings and defects, scheduling of works and works completion, analysis/ reporting and integration

The system handles multiple, varied types of assets, including but not limited to:

  • Street furniture (eg. lights, park benches, drinking fountains, fire hydrants, etc.)
  • Drainage pits and road segments (incorporating footpaths, pavement, kerb and channel)
  • Defects (eg. potholes, pavement problems, etc.)
  • Open spaces  (including lawns, flower beds and sporting arenas) and trees 

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